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Things to do in Greenland

Things to do in Greenland

Greenland is an incredible land with unique experiences, discover the famous Northern Lights but also, the hot springs and the icebergs.


Ilulissat with the Kangia (UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2004) has the biggest and most famous icebergs of Greenland.

But our unique location is much more than icebergs, and makes possible to live the best arctic experiences all year around with Northern lights, snow, dogs sledges, sea ice in Winter (from February to April) and Midnight sun, lakes and colorful valleys, beautiful coasts, whales and arctic wildlife in Summer (from June to August) without missing the Inuit culture factor.

These assets can satisfy the most demanding outdoor enthusiasts that are looking for the epic adventure of their lives.

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Ilulissat. North Greenland.
  • Ilulissat was founded in 1741 as Jakobshavn.
  • Ilulissat has 4 surrounding villages and 3500 sled dogs.
  • Ilulissat means 'icebergs'.
  • Knud Rasmussen was born in Ilulissat.


Winter Season


From 10/02
to 30/04

Summer Season


From 01/06
to 30/08