Snowmobile at night

Snowmobile at night

On winter evenings with clear sky, the beautiful northern lights often appear in Ilulissat.

On winter evenings with clear sky, the beautiful northern lights often appear in Ilulissat. Going out to experience this natural phenomenon is a unique experience in your holiday that you cannot miss. Plus if you are riding a snow scooter is indeed, going wild to the extra mile!!

Be an adventurous rider and experience the arctic night and enjoy breathtaking views climbing the hills that dominate the Ilulissat skyline. From there, we watch the Northern Lights because artificial light does not prevent us from experiencing this spectacular phenomenon.

This snowmobile guided tour takes about 2 hours. It climbs the Big Akinnaq range and crosses the upper lakes until Nalluarsuk hut (40 minutes from Ilulissat by snow mobile). Inside the hut (which is heated) we will have a break drinking coffee or tea and scouting the northern light through the window or from the terrace.

After this comforting break, we cross a big lake until the unforgettable view point that dominates the Kangia Icefjord. During the ride back to Ilulissat we stop every now and then, looking for the northern light and experiencing the arctic night.

Finally we stop at the top of the Big Akinnaq track and enjoy the city lights before the final descent until Ilulissat.

No previous experience is required. We will provide all the equipment and teach all you need to know to ride completely safely with our experienced guide.

Our office is in Kussangajaannguag and Fredericiap Aqq corner, in the center of Ilulissat. 


  • Duration: 2 hours
  • Minimum number of clients: 2
  • Maximum number of clients: 5
  • Level of difficulty: Demanding
  • Minimum age: 18
  • Location: Ilulissat’s quarry
  • Season: Winter (06/02/2018 - 22/04/2018)
  • Price per person: 1195 kr.

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Reduced number of participants per group allow a better management and assures greater safety and enjoyment of the activity

Included in our activity

Includes all the equipment: snow scooter, helmet, warm clothes and mitts, boots and warm drinks in the hut.

We recommend 3 layer-system equipment and to bring an extra battery for your camera


  1. Warm trekking boots and good warm socks
  2. Back pack
  3. Extra warm clothes
  4. Hat or similar (For example a buff, to cover the head and specially the ears)
  5. Warm gloves (An extra pair of warm mitts is strongly recommended)
  6. Snacks
  7. Please inform in advance if you have diabetes or cardio problems