Night Sky Photography

Night Sky Photography

Winter nights dress the landscape of Ilulissat, sometimes dotted-with-stars black, sometimes full-moon white and sometimes Northern-Lights green. No matter the color, we will show you how to best capture the incredible beauty and colours of the winter Arctic sky, using your camera.
The activity starts from our office, where we will be warm and comfortable. Our professional photographer will explain to you how to use your camera settings, to capture stars and northern lights over a cup of coffee, tea and biscuits.
Then we go outside, and use snowshoes and ski poles. We walk to the best spot to put in use these techniques. We will take you to the Ilulissat Icefjord, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. From there, no sound or light polution, so you can fully experience the winter nights. Our snowshoeing guide will show you how to use of the equipment and guide the route.

No previous experience is required, but a minimum level of fitness is advisable. Anyone can learn how to move in winter terrain with snowshoes and ski poles.

Visit us in our office or call us upon your arrival (+299 295 195) to confirm your time of departure.


  • Varighed fra kl.: 2 timer
  • Minimum antal deltagere: 2
  • Maksimum antal deltagere: 8
  • Sværhedsgrad: Let til moderat
  • Minimumsalder: 15
  • Beliggenhed: Illulisat
  • Årstid: Vinter (06-02-2018 - 22-04-2018)
  • Pris per person: 995 kr.

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Et reduceret antal deltagere per gruppe tillader en større opmærksomhed på den enkelte og muliggør større sikkerhed og fornøjelse af aktiviteten.

Inkluderet i prisen

Includes all the equipment: snowshoes, poles, flashlight, boots, hot drinks, snacks, professional photographer, and snowshoeing guide, both with fluent English.

Hvad man selv skal medbringe samt andre råd

- Camera, tripod and extra batteries
- First upper layer (thermal shirt, wool or synthetic)
- First lower layer (thermal pants, wool or synthetic)
- Thick socks (wool is ideal)
- Second upper l-ayer (fleece)
- Second lower layer (hiking/ski pants)
- Third layer jacket (Primaloft or down)
- Third layer pants (wind and water proof pants)
- Fourth layer jacket (wind and water proof jacket)
- Warm gloves or mittens

(Please inform us if you have any medical condition that could affect you during the activity).