lulissat,Kangia (UNESCO World Heritage, since 2004 ) has the largest and most famous icebergs in Greenland .

Why Ilulissat is much more than just icebergs. It is possible to sample the best Arctic experiences all year round; northern lights, snow-covered landscapes, dog sled rides, lakes and colorful valleys, beautiful beaches, whales and Arctic wildlife , sea ice in winter,midnight sun ( February to April ) and summer ( June-August ) . In addition, do not forgett to learn about the Inuit culture that still characterizes the modern Greenlanders' lives. All this can satisfy the most demanding outdoor enthusiasts who are looking for a unique experience.

  • Ilulissat was founded in 1741 as Jakobshavn.
  • Ilulissat has 4 surrounding villages and 3500 sled dogs.
  • Ilulissat means 'icebergs'.
  • Knud Rasmussen was born in Ilulissat.
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Ilulissat. Greenland


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69°12’36”N - Latitude