Hike & Cultural immersion



Guided hike from Ilulissat to Oqaatsut, boat transfer back to Ilulissat, lunch-pack for the hiking (sandwich and soup made with local ingredients), traditional dinner and lunch with local ingredients, night in a B&B (breakfast included), demonstration of traditional fishing and ways to process and preserve it, walk around the settlement and a local English speaking guide.

Price 3950 kr



Cecilia was a girl who lived with her family in Oqaatsut, a small settlement north of Ilulissat. The story tells that one night, Cecilia’s father was severely ill. In a desperate call for getting help, Cecilia ran the 20 kilometers that separate these two villages. In memory of Cecilia’s story, this trail that goes from one village to the other has been called after her.

On the first day of our program, we invite you to walk with us, accompanied by our local guide and take you through the fauna, flora and stories of this untouched landscape: a bay full of blue icebergs, rivers where fish run up for migration, Arctic flowers in the middle of tundra fields, or metamorphosed rocks polished by the action of glaciers. Once in Oqaatsut we will settle down in our rooms and have a traditional dinner, with free time to walk around the settlement.

On the next day, we go on a small walk and tell you about the everyday life of the village’s inhabitants. We then join some local activities, tasks that the locals do in their everyday life. The activity we will do is subject to the season and the activities that local people do, such as learning how to cook and smoke fish, how to cut and dry it for storage, collecting wild plants and flowers to make tea, feed the sled dogs with their musher, repair a fishing net, or build a sled. Our local English speaking guide will translate, so you understand and learn about the Greenlandic reality.



  • Season: Summer (01/06/2018 - 15/09/2018)
  • Duration: 2 days
  • Time of Departure: 9:00
  • Meeting point: PGI Greenland office, Ilulissat
  • Minimum number of clients: 
  • Maximum number of clients: 8
  • Level of difficulty: 3/5 (Challenging)
  • Minimum age: 14 minors must be accompanied by one adult. 
  • Price per person: 3950 kr.

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Hike & Cultural immersion


  • First upper layer (thermal shirt, wool or synthetic)
  • First lower layer (thermal pants, wool or synthetic)
  • Thick socks (wool is ideal)
  • Sunglasses and sun protection
  • Prescription medication and other personal health items.
  • Please inform us if you have any medical condition that could affect you during the activity
  • Backpack with any additional items you need to walk around the settlement and spend the day there.
  • Prescription medication and other personal health items. (Please inform us if you have any medical conditionthat could affect you during the activity). 

Enjoy Greenlandic nature while hiking

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