Icefjord Night walk (Snowshoes walk)

ICEFJORD NIGHT WALK (Snowshoes walk)

What is included

Includes all the equipment: Snowshoes, poles, flashlight, hot drinks, snacks and English speaking guide. 

Price 695 Kr


ICEFJORD NIGHT WALK (Snowshoes walk)

Winter nights dress the landscape of Ilulissat, sometimes dotted-with-stars black, sometimes full-moon white and sometimes Northern-Lights green. No matter the color, it is a landscape that will awake all your senses. 

Using snowshoes and ski poles is a comfortable way to hike in winter conditions. Plus, the knowledge and experience of our local guides will help you to make the best of this trip. We will take you to the Ilulissat Icefiord, the UNESCO World Heritage Site. From there, no sound or light prevent us from fully experiencing the winter nights.

In the middle of the wilderness, where silence is the only sound, we will find shelter to have hot drinks and biscuits, tell Inuit stories and talk about the nature and also the lifestyle of Greenland. And if “Sila” allows us, we will witness the spectacular phenomenon of the Northern Lights from our privileged position.

*No previous experience is required, but it is advised a minimum level of fitness. Anyone can learn how to move in winter terrain with snowshoes and ski poles.


  • Season: Winter (10/02/2019 - 30/04/2019)
  •  Duration: 2 hours*
  • Time of Departure: Depending on season: February at 18:00, March at 20:00 and April at 21:00.
  • Meeting point: PGI Greenland office(Kussangajaannguaq 8), Ilulissat 15 minutes before the start of the activity.
  • Minimum number of clients: 2
  • Maximum number of clients: 8
  • Level of difficulty: 2/5 (moderate)
  • Minimum age: 16 (minors should always be accompanied by one adult)
  • Price per person: 695 kr.

*The duration of our activities includes the time to gear-up / dress-up, safety briefings and transfers to departure points. 

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Icefjord Night walk (Snowshoes walk)


  • First upper layer (thermal shirt, wool or synthetic)
  • First lower layer (thermal pants, wool or synthetic)
  • Thick socks (wool is ideal)
  • Second upper layer (fleece)
  • Second lower layer (hiking/ski pants)
  • Third layer jacket (Primaloft or down)
  • Third layer pants (wind and water proof pants)
  • Fourth layer jacket (wind and water proof jacket)
  • Warm gloves or mittens
  • Prescription medication and other personal health items.
  • (Please inform us if you have any medical condition that could affect you during the activity).
Go for a snowshoes walk Wander along the a UNESCO World Heritage site using snowshoes and ski poles and enjoy the beauty of arctic night with a cup of tea. BOOK NOW