Kayaking among the icebergs accompanied by humpback whales

Every time we are thankful for nice sunny weather, beautiful icebergs around us and days like this when Sila is kind and lets us to enjoy beautiful and playful whales. We are feeling very lucky […]  Read more

The Magic of the Arctic: Inuit Culture

“A Greenlandic kayaker from Ilulissat performaing a roll in a traditional kayak” Photo by Inesa Matuliauskaite Our world is big, beautiful, and diverse. It is home to about 195 different countries all with various languages, […]  Read more


HOT SPRINGS You can visit hot springs along all Greenland, from the south to the north, during all year and with any type of weather conditions, the water temperature must be always ready for a relaxing […]  Read more


Do you have passion for Greenland’s nature and culture? Would you like to share this passion with other people? Are you an active and dynamic person? Interested in working in the outdoor industry? Do you […]  Read more