Kayaking among the icebergs accompanied by humpback whales

Every time we are thankful for nice sunny weather, beautiful icebergs around us and days like this when Sila is kind and lets us to enjoy beautiful and playful whales. We are feeling very lucky to be here and share beautiful moments with you!

Sila in Inuit methodology is the primary component of everything that exist: universe, weather and intellect. It is believed that Silla controls everything that goes on in one’s life. Today it brought present for us- one of the closest encounter with whales on our kayak trips.

Whales what we usually see in our trips is Humpbacks. They roam all over the world but in summer they spent most of their time in high-latitude areas such as Greenland.

Check out our new video “Kayaking with whales”.

Please note we respect nature and during the trips we are observers of wildlife and we do not want to interfere with it.