You can visit hot springs along all Greenland, from the south to the north, during all year and with any type of weather conditions, the water temperature must be always ready for a relaxing time, around 35-38 degrees Celsius. These outdoor spas, are unique because you can sight from inside Icebergs and mountain peaks. Probably the most famous is located in Qeqrtarsuag, in the Disko Bay, a volcanic island, and the largest island as well. Tourists and locals can visit this island by boat tours during the summer.

The Aurora Borealis is a natural spectacle that you can experience at Greenland from September to April, during the winter. The best way to observe this event, also known as Northern Lights, is far away big cities, or in places with low light emission, when the sky is clear. These polar lights can be seen when the sun release particles with electrical charge, and get inside the atmosphere hitting gases like nitrogen and oxygen, and may have different shapes and colours. You can also mix this unique experience with activities like snowshoeing or snowmobiling and enjoy the Northern Lights while you are moving across Greenland.

You can see in Greenland spectacular and beautiful icebergs from the North, enormous ice blocks, to the South, smaller but beautiful as well. You can sight them around all Greenland, from the air, from a boat, from a hot spring, or when you take a walk or hike, they will always be present in the landscape. Also, there are many activities that you can mix with them, like kayaking or diving through the icebergs, or less extreme in sailing tours. In the Ilulissat Icefjord, in Northwest Greenland, you can find the largest collection of Icebergs, there are thousands of them. It’s the iceberg capital of the world.

As we had already said, in several cities and towns in Greenland you can enjoy your time doing outdoor activities, nature experiences and cultural experiences. During summer, the most popular activities are kayaking, during the day or at midnight sun, always paddling among icebergs, and if you are lucky, you can sight whales in the ocean; there are different treks that you can do while you delight an amazing landscape; boat tours and fishing; climbing in the Ilulissat Icefjord, a famous spot that allows you a mixed climbing with ice tools and crampons, and beautiful views of the Disko Island, the Kangia Icefjord icebergs and Ilulissat

During the winter, Greenland offers unique experiences that you can combine with outdoor activities. There are snow activities like Heli-skiing, back country skiing, snowmobiling, dog sledding and snowshoeing. If you practice this sports at night you can enjoy, with a clear sky, the magnificent Northern Lights, also called Aurora Borealis, a spectacle that you cannot miss in your life, that you can sight in the evening, Also you can perform ice climbing, enabling you to climb vertical ice using crampons and ice tools for hold your weight and the ice cap experience hiking rough glaciers with the Kangia Icefjord views.

This city is a UNESCO World Heritage since 2004. Ilulissat. the iceberg capital of the world, offers amazing outdoor activities and unique experiences all year round like Northern Lights, whales sightseeing, dog sledding, kayaking trough the icebergs, treks, snowmobiling, ice climbing, midnight sun in winter, always with spectacular landscapes around you. You can learn also about influences of the Inuit Culture that still characterizes the modern Greenlanders, try their gastronomy, their spirit, their customs and maybe you can finish the day dancing polka music with them.