PGI Greenland is an adventure travel company based in Ilulissat and Oqaatsut (Greenland). It belongs to the Pas Grau Group.

Our mission is to immerse our guests into the nature and culture of Greenland through the practice of outdoor activities and contact with local people.    



A team of experts from Greenland and Europe for a safe, authentic and unforgettable adventure.


Deeply involved with the Arctic and its people by training Greenlandic guides and engaged with the local communities in our activities.

Safety & Quality

Highly qualified
and experienced guides, plus the best equipment.


Fully committed with what we do, at heart and mind.


The Pas Grau Group is a global leader in the Ski and Outdoor Activities Business with more than 50 years of experience.
With headquarters in Andorra, the country in the Pyrenees, and a strong tradition in winter sports, our strategic view has led us to develop significant know-how in new and complementary Outdoor Activities and also to a strong growth in international markets.

At present we operate, manage and invest in various Outdoor business units in countries such as Spain, France, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Nepal, Greenland.

Our team

Albert planas

Albert arrived in Greenland in 2015 and felt in love with the people and nature of this country. He loves learning from the Inuit, the local people. He has learned about the building and using traditional kayaks, driving dogsleds and speaking the local language Kalaallisut. At the moment he lives in Ilulissat (west coast of Greenland) with his 14 sled dogs.

He is the manager of PGI Greenland, an adventure travel company based in Ilulissat. His philosophy is to make a positive impact to the destination by working close with local people, immersing the traveler and having a wonderful staff team that works for a higher purpose.

Albert has a masters degree in engineering, is a sea kayak, ski mountaineering and outdoor guide. At the moment also collaborates with Campus Kujalleq as an outdoor instructor to train future Greenlandic adventure guides.

Inesa Matuliauskaite

Inesa is responsible for Marketing and sales in PGI Greenland. She is also an official photographer of the company.  

After finishing her Cultural, communication and globalization studies she followed her intrest in Artic region and started work in Greenland.

She arrived in Greenland in spring of 2017 and since she was actively engaged in PGI Greenland activities. 

Her passion for traveling and photography makes Greenland perfect place to be. As Inesa says: "Greenland is a photographer’s dream! You cannot take bad pictures in Greenland, it is a dynamic and vibrant place where you can catch a shot of your lifetime". 


Pablo has been working as a sea kayak guide for 5 years, but he combines that life in the sea with his love of the mountains.

He is from the Basque country (North of Spain) but his passion for nature has brought him to Greenland and since he is here he is in love with this fantastic place. Paddling in the Inuit land is very special for all kayakers, and that is why he is getting to know the Greenlandic culture and enjoying life here.

Pablo has a masters degree in physical education, is a sea kayak and mountaineering guide and has training in water rescue (Rescue 3 SRT) and first aid.

Tupaarnaq Egede

Tupaarnaq is a local adventure guide. The last couple of years she has been guiding in both South Greenland and here in Ilulissat and is now here as an intern.

Previously she has taken two degrees of guide courses Arctic and Adventure Guide, where the latter was collaborated with PGI Greenland.

She is currently studying Tourism, Service and Management at Campus Kujalleq, South Greenland. She is an outdoors person who loves trekking and like any other Greenlander she loves sailing.She also loves travelling and when she was 17 she went to live a year in Costa Rica, so now she also speaks fluent Spanish. She is ready to receive you either in the office or out ready to guide you through your Greenlandic experience. 

Qunerseeq Petersen 

Qunerseeq is from Ilulissat, her family have been moving around Greenland a lot, but because Ilulissat was their home, they always feel the need to come back.

Qunerseeq was in GUX Aasiaat in 2016 for one year and then moved to Canada for two years to go to school. She did some Kayaking while she was in Canada, and explore nature in some ways that made her want to explore her own country deeper, through social and natural differences and similarities compared to Canada. 

After Canada Qunerseeq came back to

Ilulissat/Greenland, because she missed the nature of Greenland and the people/family. Her classmates in Canada were from over 80 different countries, which made her realize how many questions people have about Greenland. Now she is here to answer your questions!


To offer an immersion to travellers, Greenlandic guides are an essential part of our company. We believe this is the future of adventure travel in Greenland. At the same time, it is important for PGI Greenland that our guides excel in safety and quality. 

In 2016, we started building this future together with Campus Kujalleq, developing the Adventure Guide Education. The role of PGI Greenland is to instruct students in guiding techniques, safety and leadership and no-trace practices.

In the first year of the education, 11 candidates were certified. Two of them worked as guides in PGI Greenland the next year. 

In 2017, PGI instructed 16 new candidates to become Adventure Guides and we expect to hire more in the future!


Travel can create a positive impact to the destinations. Our company aims to preserve the Greenlandic culture and the way of life of local people.

Two good examples of our philosophy are our collaboration sharing equipment, instructors and knowledge with the local qajaq club (that builds and uses traditional Inuit kayaks), and involving the inhabitants of Oqaatsut (an Inuit settlement of 37 inhabitants) in our activities with travellers.

Safety and Quality


Safety and quality are essential for us. Small groups allow a better management, greater safety and enjoyment of the activity.

 In all the activities we provide you the most up-to-date outdoor equipment. Our team from Europe and Greenland brings you experiences that make you understand Greenland, learn from it and connect with its people and nature.

Dogsledding with PGI


Unlike in other sledges you may have experienced, here dogs aren’t tied by two’s, but each has his own line for safety in case they fall in a hole, crevasse, or water, so that the whole pack won’t follow. The musher uses a wipe to order the dogs but not on the dogs, only on the side to get their attention.

We, at PGI Greenland, take animal welfare and clients safety very seriously. For this reason, we follow our Code of Practice for dogs welfare, ensuring the dogs being used in your activity are well treated, healthy, and strong.

We also provide you with a local English speaking musher who can engage further with you about his lifestyle and tell you more about his dogs, with passion, while this also ensure a safe communication along the trip, to attend your needs and safety.

The sledge can carry one or two guests depending on the size, and the number of dogs will vary with the number of guests on board, adapting to the weight load. On average we have 9-10 dogs for one guest and musher and 15 dogs for 2 guests and musher. A sledge dog can pull almost its own weight and can ride for several hours (10-15hrs/day) depending on terrain, weather and load. Our mushers are really careful not to exhaust the dogs and give them plenty of rest before the next ride. Our guides carry ‘in-reach’ radio, with a GPS locator and have their own first aid kit.

Get closer to the Greenland's people and nature

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